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22 shell script (and in fact is literally a smarter Haskell
33 reimplementation of what I used to do using shell scripts.) It's
44 designed to do what I want, and very likely doesn't do what you want
5 (or does it poorly or buggily.)
5 (or does it poorly or buggily.) You might want to look at
6 [hi](, a very similar and much more
7 full-featured tool!
79 The *charter* tool is a tool for setting up Haskell projects. It has
810 three basic modes of operation which correspond to three kinds of
4648 filled-in category and synopsis
4850 ```bash
49 $ charter quick haskat \
51 $ charter quick haskcat \
5052 -a text \
5153 -s 'The Haskcat program'
5254 -d 'Probably a pure Haskell implementation of cat, I guess?'